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January 24, 2010

LDATD Presentation Links

by Peter Skillen

The Impact of Social Media on Kids Experiencing Learning Disabilities

Below are the websites and books used in this workshop:


Help with Bowdrill Set

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

Did You Know? 4.0


Listen to the Walls Talking

Flickr – Photo Sharing

Social Bookmarking in Plain English – Commoncraft

Will Richardson’s Delicious Bookmarks

Brenda Sherry’s Diigo Bookmarks

‘Learning Disabilities’ Delicious Search

Peter Skillen’s Diigo Bookmarks

‘Life on a Farm’ VoiceThread


Blogs in Plain English – Commoncraft

Peter’s Blog – The Construction Zone

Brenda’s Blog – Learning Zone

LD Blog

Teddy Bears Go Blogging

Peter’s Amplog – Clip log of LD/ADHD & constructivism, passion

Etherpad and TypeWithMe


Tweetdeck and Seesmic

Wikis in Plain English – Commoncraft


RSS in Plain English – Commoncraft


Living Sasquatch – Augmented Reality example

The Sixth Sense

Gapminder World

Perceptive Pixel – MultiTouch Board


A Whole New Mind – Daniel Pink, 2006

Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirky, 2008

Brain Rules – John Medina, 2008

Enriching the Brain – Eric Jensen, 2006

Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age – David H. Rose & Anne Meyer

Powerful Learning – What we know about teaching for understanding – Linda Darling-Hammond, 20088

The Brain that Changes Itself – Norman Doidge, 2007

Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds, 2008

In Schools We Trust – Deborah Meier, 2002

The Schools Our Children Deserve, Alfie Kohn, 1999

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