For a long time now, I have been wishing to write much more – but I find every excuse in the book.  @dougpete has given some reasons in his post of today entitled Regular Blogging. One of my challenges is that I am a bit of a perfectionist – in some things – not all, by any stretch! But, that’s ok. The personal adventure involves determining which things deserve a perfectionist approach and which don’t. And, of course, it’s not either/or, but rather a continuum. So, to learn to behave accordingly is a personal goal.

I am also not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I hate disappointing myself.  Anyone else feel like that? Ummmm yeah.

At any rate, ‘the reader writes the story’, so I hope that any writings posted here allow you to author some stories that enlighten, inspire, and entertain you. Better yet, if the story you understand from what I write strengthens your practice and ‘way of being’ in the world, then how could I not be a happy guy.

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