Humankind is Both Art and Science – The Art and Science of Learning Disabilities

Fourth in the series of Humankind is Both Art & Science based on the TEDx talk given on Oct. 1, 2011 at TEDxYMCAAcademy.

  1. Humankind is Both Art and Science; 2. Limited, and Fooled, by Our Senses; 3. The Trickery of Temporary Truths; 4. Post Gutenberg Parenthesis; 5. Emotional Rescue; 6. Question Authority

Post Gutenberg Parenthesis

Post Gutenberg Parenthesis

As we saw, we impose our meaning  on our world – and on others!

So we take our best guess – educated guesses – at all we that we try to understand, explain and ‘fix’.

Maryanne Wolfe, and others, claim that the brain isn’t necessarily pre-wired to read – check Proust and the Squid for that convincing discussion.

We know these kids suffer in our world..

But, as you also know, there are other gifts and strengths that often accompany ‘LD’s.

It is said that dyslexics could be our most talented data visualizers.


In the Mind's Eye

In the Mind’s Eye

Thomas West says (paraphrased),

“For some four hundred or five hundred years we have had our schools teaching basically the skills of the medieval clerk—reading, writing, counting, and memorizing texts.

Now we are on the verge of a new era,

and will emphasize a very different set of skills—those of a Renaissance man such as Leonardo da Vinci.

Traits that are considered desirable today will be obsolete and unwanted tomorrow.

Instead of the qualities of a well-trained clerk, we might want a habit of innovation in many diverse fields, the perspective of the global generalist rather than the narrowly focused specialist, and an emphasis on visual content and analysis over parallel verbal modes.”

Gutenberg - the Analog Divide

Post Gutenberg Parenthesis

We are into the 21st century now – past the Gutenberg Parenthesis

– that era that lived and breathed text and text alone.

That era that celebrated letteracy and…

served to exclude those who were challenged by it. Not so socially inclusive.


Our next Crop of LD Kids?

Visual Imagery & Visualizations

We are now entering a world that is immersed in the production and interpretation of visual imagery and visualizations.

Those who are not literate in those areas may well be our next Learning Disabled kids.


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