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July 4, 2012


“Instant America” – We are impatient!

by Peter Skillen

This graphic has been shared with me because I am interested in the challenges of information and attention in this era of huge growth, instant gratification and our abilities to adjust and to adapt.

Are we growing more impatient? Are we less able to be ‘mindful’?

What are your thoughts related to the data in this infographic?

Instant America
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  1. Jul 4 2012



    Kidding. I was actually just thinking of this this morning as I sat outside and had a coffee and realized I had left my tablet in the house. I wanted to know something and felt irritated that I had to, ya know, get up and get it. But after I noticed how I was reacting, I stayed put and finished my coffee in peace. There is definitely something to this. We must be mindful of our own behaviours related to our impatience.

    I also realized I’m ready for a few weeks on the beach in the Maritimes. 🙂

    • Jul 6 2012

      Hey Colin,
      Yes…’reacting’ versus ‘considered response’ right? 🙂 You made the wise choice!

      A few weeks on the beach in the Maritimes — sounds HEAVENLY!!

  2. Brent Snavely
    Jul 4 2012

    I think this an issue worthy of serious consideration.

    One thing…
    …leads to another…

    Perhaps the immediate gratification provided by “instant access” to information has caused a re-wiring of the brain (plasticity, and other related stuff) such that the brain’s bio-chemical reaction causes a pain response to delays.

    I must say that I am fascinated by the information you provide, particularly that which pertains to economic matters.


    • Jul 6 2012

      Hi Brent!

      Good to hear from you.

      Yes, I agree we have some serious issues to address. it will not be addressed widely, of course, until a crisis of sorts.

      Sherry Turkle speaks of the dopamine shot we get with ‘multitasking’ and as you suggest, we are not getting that if we ‘slow down’ – it may, in fact, be painful missing it.

      That is addiction.

      thank you!


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