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July 16, 2012


You might look – but you may not see.

by Peter Skillen

Well, another of life’s lessons came to me in a strange and humorous way recently!

You can be looking for something – very hard – and not see it at all. Yet, when viewed with a different lens – there it is. Revealed.

On a day off from ISTE12, a few of us went to La Jolla where @brendasherry @rebrouse and I went snorkeling in search of Leopard sharks. They are harmless, so we were bravely lying face down in the water for an hour or so – coming up for the occasional cleaning of the mask and all. I had with me a brand new underwater camera with one of those awful LCD viewfinders popular on point and shoot digital cameras. You can see VERY little when the sun is shining, light glaring off the water and you are wearing a foggy mask!

I only took about six shots I was so disgusted!

Anyway, I gave up on the photography.

We didn’t see any sharks. We saw lots of sand.

And then, when I arrived home, and moved the pictures from camera to computer – yep — there it was! As plain as day!

A shark. (Click image for better view! And, no! I didn’t Photoshop it in. I’m not that smart!)

Sometimes, methinks you need to use a different lens to see the world.


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  1. Jul 17 2012

    I love how you’ve shared your snorkeling experience, encouraging me to consider viewing life through a different lens on so many levels!

    Thanks for highlighting for me how much I can miss as I learn with others through what I sense is often my strong autobiographical lens–


  2. Jul 18 2012

    Peter, the other thing your post made me think about was something we talked about often in our coaching course: being present in the moment. I’m sure you three all thought you were present in the moment and looking for sharks. I bet you were also probably engaged in very enthusiastic conversation.

    I wonder how often we all miss the “little” details because we are distracted from our original task, whether that task is listening to somebody’s thoughts, talking with a student or child, listening to a webinar, chatting with our spouse, or reading text. We are all trying to do so much at one time maybe the lesson we can learn from your post is to focus on the one goal and try to be present in the moment.

    Thanks for a fun lesson that made me think!

  3. Becky Rouse
    Jul 23 2012

    My life lesson from the day was very similar and probably much needed. If I focus too intently on a particular goal and I lose sight of what’s happening all around me! It’s all about balance!


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