Celebrating Global Dignity Day in Canada

October 17, 2012

Dear Teacher, School Leader, Youth Worker!

This is an awesome opportunity to help you teach your students about human rights and dignity.

“The mission of Global Dignity is to implement the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life. We all have the ability to increase the dignity of others and thus we increase our own dignity. The more dignity we have, the brighter our world will be.”

Global Dignity Day was established in 2005, by HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant and Professor Pekka Himanen.

“The Fifth Annual Global Dignity Day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17th, 2012, and will be celebrated in over 50 countries around the world. This year we build upon the great success of last year’s event during which tens of thousands of youth participated across 25 countries.”

For complete information please visit the Canadian Global Dignity Day site.

Host Your Own Dignity Day Session

You can host your own Dignity Day session at your school. Have a facilitator come in and speak to your students about dignity. Facilitators can be plumbers, health workers, bankers… in short, anyone that want to see young people become their best self can be a role model.

“A typical Dignity Day session lasts about two hours. The facilitator usually starts by telling his or her own story about dignity. Then, the children are asked to define dignity in their own words. After discussing the Dignity Principles, the children tell their own stories in front of the class. Finally, they typically write a letter to themselves stating what they want to achieve for themselves and others through dignity. A year later, these letters are sent back to the students.”

Download These Guides

Please download the complete Facilitator’s Guide for more details on hosting your own Dignity Day event.

Short on Time? Try this Express Guide!

To hold a quick dignity day session, consult the 2012 Global Dignity Day Canada Express Guide(each session within takes less than 30 minutes with very little prep time).


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GDD Supports Ontario’s Education Initiatives

It is clear that children and youth everywhere face an opportunity gap. However, the fact that the gap is man-made means that we have control over its size. Educating our students about dignity and empathy will help narrow this gap by fostering school learning environments that are respectful of diversity, and that are caring and collaborative. Global Dignity Day therefore supports Ontario initiatives and documents, such as Growing Success and Finding Common Ground: Character Development in Ontario Schools, by promoting inclusion, safe schools and anti-bullying.

Your support of Global Dignity Day will help us to involve as many students and schools as possible. We hope that you will accept our invitation and join as a participating school of Global Dignity Day 2012!

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For complete information please visit the Canadian Global Dignity Day site.

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