NOTE: Submitting a Dignity Day Story is ONE of the activities related to Global Dignity Day. Please visit for other ways to become involved. We would love you to host a Dignity Day event for your students! Find out how.

Creating & Submitting a Dignity Day Story

Everybody has a unique dignity story about a person, event or place. As part of Global Dignity Day Canada 2013, we’re asking you to submit your dignity day story to share with students and youth across Canada and from around the world.

By sharing our stories, we hope we can better understand each other, our experiences and why it’s important to live with mutual understanding, respect and compassion for ourselves and everyone around us. Please follow the guidelines below to submit your unique story and share what dignity means to you!


Within the “Many Faces of Dignity” framework, we’re cultivating engagement and action through four main pillars, including: Arts and Media; Healthy Living and Recreation; Community Building; and Sharing Food: Celebrating Life.

Two of these lend themselves to the creation and sharing of Dignity Day stories that you can submit to be shared in a new online gallery hosted at

a) Arts & Media — ‘What Does Dignity Mean to You?’ – this is an open-ended theme for you, and

b) Community Building — ‘Have a Senior Moment with Your Kids’

Pick one or both!


Consider what dignity means to you. Can you think of any stories that come to mind? If not, do you have any pictures that you think have dignity in them? Or could you paint a picture of what dignity looks like? Put your creative energies to work through video, writing, visual arts, social media, and more.


Our Elders and seniors have stories to tell. They have memories to recount.kerry and grandma

As part of Global Dignity Day Canada 2013, we’re encouraging you to ‘Have a senior moment with your kids!’  This is one example of how to share a dignity day story. Your students can create and submit a dignity day ‘story’ to share with students and other youth across Canada and from around the world. As with any other theme you may choose, we encourage you to use many different forms of expression to tell these stories.

By sharing our stories, we demonstrate appreciation, respect and honour for the elderly members of our communities. Their lives have touched many and we want you to capture significant moments in their lives by meeting with an elderly person you know or by meeting someone you haven’t known before.


Below is a guideline to create and submit your unique dignity story in line with the theme of sharing a senior moment:

1) Meet with an elderly relative or friend. This could also be an opportunity to meet a new elderly person in your community – through a place of worship or community centre.  Develop a relationship with that individual.

2) Through relationship and conversation, determine what is of significance to the senior. What was a most significant point in their life? What memory do they hold dear?

3) Capture the ‘story’ with the tools you need in order to create your chosen method – if you are writing a story, have pen and paper or a computer. If you choose to use visual arts of video, have your tools ready!  (see Possible Story Formats below for suggestions).

4) Create your dignity day story in one of the formats below. Ask a friend, parent or teacher if you have questions or if you need help.


Submission Guidelines (for teachers, youth leaders & parents or students 18 years or older)

To submit your ‘story’, please send the following to

  • the link (URL) to the site where you have created or uploaded your artifact (story)
  • please make your email subject line reads: Global Dignity Day Story – (the name of your school or home town/province)
  • In your submission email, make sure to include:
    • the number of stories being submitted
    • the theme of each –  a) What Does Dignity Mean To You? or b) Have a Senior Moment with Your Kids!
    • a primary point of contact (first and last name)
    • the name of the school (organization), the city, the province,
    • a phone number and an email address for possible follow-up.

All dignity day stories must be submitted to no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on October 10th, 2013 in order to be included in the national celebrations. If you have questions, please email: with the subject line: Question: Global Dignity Day Story


These are just a few ideas on how you can work to share a story. Submit a more traditional piece or try one of the Web 2.0 tools!

Please contact if you would like some help getting started.