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April 15, 2015


Tools for Reflective Thinking: Children, Computers and Metacognition

by Peter Skillen

Just a quick little share from the past! Here is the abstract for a session at this conference in 1987.

We are still speaking of similar things…

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  1. Apr 15 2015

    Peter, you already know this, so you’ll laugh, but the year you published this I was just finishing my teacher education at U of T. I had learned some programming during my Pych undergrad, but it wasn’t until 1993 or so that I was able to have a computer to play with in the classroom! About 1997 I began to go to ECOO and realized that people who thought deeply about computers and learning, as you’ve shown here, were the folks I was interested in learning along with. I can still remember meeting you in the early 2000’s at ECOO – Urs Bill was in your session that day, and the rest is educator collaboration history!

    Thanks so much for generously sharing what you know with all of us! Kids…and teachers…are better for it! I guess rather than noticing how much of a shame it is that 20 years have gone by and we don’t have this figured out yet…we should celebrate the fact that we are still ask these deep questions and more people are asking them! 🙂

    • Apr 15 2015

      Brenda, thank you for your awesome reply!

      Yes, you are right. It is incredibly important that we celebrate the increase in the number of people who are asking deep questions.

      And, indeed, Urs was in the session the day we met! Both of you have been great friends and smart colleagues all these years. Urs supported me many times in my previous life. 😉

    • Apr 15 2015

      Ummmm…28 years. Lol


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