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January 23, 2016


‘Dignity’ – A Difficult Concept Made Easy

by Peter Skillen

Global Dignity Day: making ‘dignity’ understandable for students

One of our goals as educators is to nurture students into becoming decent human beings who will make the world a better place—for themselves and for others.

This is why many teachers are engaging in global projects that are authentic and, therefore, meaningful to young people.

The Global Dignity Day initiative achieves this and it allows people to get involved with as much effort as you wish. You can do a little—or you can do a lot. This makes it very accessible to all of us and still results in deep understanding of what dignity means to people across a wide range of our global experiences.

You can see lots more detail about Global Dignity Day at the main site or at your specific country site. Canadian educators, please check Global Dignity Day Canada. It has been my privilege to serve on this committee for the past several years along with some wonderful Canadians who care deeply about our young people.

For a quick visual overview, watch this amazing video from Global Dignity Day Canada 2015. If you wish to know more, or have any questions, please check the sites or simply ask me. I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

It would be wonderful to have you join us this year for Global Dignity Day 2016!

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  1. Jan 23 2016

    This is such an important message, and such an easily accessible way for teachers to connect their students to others around the world. You are such an advocate for global projects in general and this one in particular! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Jan 23 2016

    Thx Brenda! You know that I started with global projects when it was hard! LOL Before the web we used fax, yes fax machines; and email and text-based systems.

    It was just the right thing to do and we always went beyond the ‘pen pals’ dealio.

    Apart from the incredible impact I have seen on many kids, the best part has been involving educators, such as yourself, who aren’t fooled and seduced by the rants of the fads as they come and go. We must always keep our mind on the eyes and hearts of the students as they become passionate human beings for a better world.

    Thank you, Brenda.


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