These are not easy times for you.  In fact, they are difficult times.

You feel disrespected and unsupported.

The news is overwhelmingly bad for education in Ontario. It is the constant topic of conversation. It is in the media. It is in the staff room. It is in family discussions.

But, the young children who come into your care each day don’t know. Some of the secondary students are well aware, but not all.

They come in. And, you come in.

And, this is where you shine.

You set all that negativity aside as you do what you have chosen to do as a profession. You have made the choice to educate young people. You want each child to become the best person possible. You look into each child’s eyes as you decide what will work best to have that child succeed—now and in the future.

You smile. You laugh. You make that child feel like the most important person in the world—because that is the reality.

School administrators…I know many of you…as I know teachers. You also are under tremendous pressure—especially now. But, I know that you make the best efforts to bring joy and respect to each and every teacher, educational assistant, and support staff in your buildings. That is why our system works.

You all work tirelessly—as other Ontario educators have for each individual and for the community of learners. That is why we have one of the best education systems in the world.

You can be proud. Hold your head high.

Your work is valuable—and I am proud to call myself an Ontario educator.

Illegitimi non carborundum!