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I am writing this tribute on behalf of the Code To Learn team. Cynthia Solomon’s work over these decades is the genesis for much of our work today. We are forever grateful.

Dr. Cynthia Solomon is a pioneer and visionary in the field of education, having made a tremendous contribution to the development and advancement of computer science education for young learners. Her work has shaped the way we think about technology and education and has helped inspire countless students and educators worldwide.

Cynthia’s commitment to education started early as a teacher in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, she first saw the potential of using computers as a tool for learning. 

She went on to co-develop Logo with Seymour Papert, Wally Feurzeig, and others. Logo was the first programming language for children. Logo allowed children to create their own programs and explore the power of computational thinking. It has since been used in classrooms around the world, inspiring generations of students to become curious, creative problem solvers. 

Seymour Papert, Cynthia Solomon, & Student (mid-1960s)

Code To Learn’s current version of Logo, LYNX, is developed by the company that Seymour and Cynthia started in the very early 80s (LCSI). LYNX is being used in many schools and projects across Canada.

Cynthia’s contributions to education go beyond Logo, however. She has been a leading voice in the movement for child-centred learning, advocating for an approach that empowers students to take ownership of their education and pursue their own interests. 

Cynthia has been a powerful voice for inclusivity and diversity. Throughout her career, she has championed the idea that all children, regardless of their background or circumstances, should have access to high-quality, engaging educational experiences. Her work has helped to break down barriers and create opportunities for girls and young women who might otherwise have been left behind. Her impact on the lives of countless students is immeasurable. Cynthia’s work has influenced educational policy and practice, helping to shape a new vision of what education can and should be.

Proud to have Cynthia on Code To Learn’s Distinguished Panel

Dr. Cynthia Solomon is a true education icon, whose contributions have had a profound impact on the field of computer science education and beyond. Her ideas about the power of computing and the importance of student-centred learning have never been more relevant, as we navigate a rapidly changing world that demands creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability. 

We are lucky to have her as a role model, mentor, and friend, and we celebrate her contributions to education with gratitude and admiration. 

Please enjoy this short video of Cynthia receiving the FabLearn 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Read this groundbreaking article that Cynthia and Seymour wrote in 1971 called Twenty Things to Do with a Computer*.  

Cynthia, we can’t wait until we meet again and you can share your passion for TurtleStitch with us. Maybe, we’ll meet up at the awesome Constructing Modern Knowledge (July 11-14) in New Hampshire!

History of Logo

If you are interested in a deep dive into the history of Logo and Cynthia’s role in it, sit back and enjoy this video.



logothings is a collection of musing by Cynthia Solomon on the history of the Logo programming language.


*Twenty Things to Do with a Computer Forward 50:

Twenty Things to Do with a Computer Forward 50: Future Visions of Education Inspired by Seymour Papert and Cynthia Solomon’s Seminal Work