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Drawing Kids into Being Mathematicians: Through Artful Coding

Keynote or Breakout Session

Drawing Kids into Being Mathematicians: Through Artful Coding

Do you want your students to perform better in math and to learn how to code at the same time? Get them there through art—through drawing! Let your students amaze you with their scientific & mathematical minds as they code with various programming languages: Turtle Art, Scratch, MicroWorlds! Programming? Coding? Don’t worry! These tools are easy enough for children & yet powerful enough for all. Many students have difficulty understanding & enjoying science & mathematics. As they create art, students will—through physical movement—learn coordinate geometry, angles, operations, variables, & distance as they draw their way into being scientists & mathematicians.

Note: This presentation can be tailored as either a Keynote to explore the ‘big ideas‘ or as a Breakout Session to focus on practical skills.

Peter has been teaching coding (programming) to students of all ages and educators since the late seventies. His research has focused on ‘deeper learning’ and on ‘coding to learn’ to develop the global competencies that students require in this digital era.

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