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What You Need to Know About Knowledge Building & PBL to Create Classrooms for Deeper Learning


What you need to know about knowledge building & PBL to create classrooms for deeper learning.

Most students, when doing research projects, simply ‘retell what they find.’ They don’t engage in constructing new knowledge. This is a common problem. How do you engage your students in deep learning and in knowledge building?  In this interactive keynote, we will discover:

  • how knowledge construction differs from ‘learning’;
  • how knowledge construction differs from ‘knowledge telling’;
  • the effective ingredients of project based learning (PBL), and;
  • distinguish among various levels of collaboration to ensure deep learning.

You will leave this session with renewed vigor, knowledge and strategies to build your classroom, or school, into knowledge-building communities. Students will be better prepared to learn deeply, to learn how to learn, and to be prepared for this digital era.

Peter is a pioneer in both project-based learning and in the development of knowledge-building environments—both face-to-face and online. He was part of the original CSILE research team and also developed Journal Zone—an online, collaborative, scaffolded journal writing environment for students engaged in project-based learning.

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