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Peter ISTE 2011I would be delighted to speak to your group of educators. Listed below are some of my favourite topics. Please contact me at:

“peter at peterskillen dot org”

Keynote Topics

Student Agency: Necessary—but, Not Sufficient

I'm in control

If students are to be in charge of their own learning, agency is definitely a necessary component. But, it is not sufficient. People often equate being in charge with student agency. But, it is more than that. (Read more…)
The ‘Maker Movement’: It’s about ‘Making Up’ Your Own Mind”

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Is ‘making’ only about ‘making with electronics’ and ‘coding’? What is your underlying mission? I want to convince you that ‘making’ should focus on taking charge of, and building, your mind—your learning. Making objects and artifacts is a means to that end. (Read more…)
What You Need to Know About Knowledge Building & PBL to Create Classrooms for Deeper Learning

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Most students, when doing research projects, simply ‘retell what they find.’ They don’t engage in constructing new knowledge. This is a common problem. How do you engage your students in deep learning and in knowledge building? (Read more…)
Drawing Kids into Being Mathematicians: Through Artful Coding

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Do you want your students to perform better in math and to learn how to code at the same time? Get them there through art—through drawing! Let your students amaze you with their scientific & mathematical minds as they code with various programming languages: Turtle Art, Scratch, MicroWorlds! (Read more…)

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Have spoken at many conferences since 1980 – ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), ICTE, ECOO, FETC, TCEA, Co-Necting Kids, Kids Who Know & Do, SITE
  • ISTE’s Leadership Conference: Passion and Cognition
  • Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP)
  • The Quest: YRDSB’s conference
  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    • Delivered a Keynote address on students’ use of HyperMedia to advance their knowledge of both subject content and the processes of learning
  • Brazil – Feevale University: Taught an IT integration component of a postgraduate course for three years
  • TVOntario: Consulted on The Computer Room, Internet in the Classroom
  • St. Petersburg: Invited by the Soviet Academy of Sciences to participate in the 2nd East/West Invitational Seminar on New Technologies in Education
  • Czech Republic: Invited by the Minister of Education, to participate in the 3rd East/West Invitational Seminar on New Technologies in Education
  • Moscow: Invited by the Soviet Academy of Sciences & CEO of the Institute for New Technologies in Education to assist teachers in implementing science-based programs in conjunction with Canadian schools via telecommunications
  • Orlando: Delivered three presentations at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) conference
  • Queen’s University: Spoke on integrating technology into language teaching
  • Brazil: Presented work on HyperMedia and Education
  • Tel Aviv, Israel: International Courseware Design and Evaluation conference
  • Tel Aviv, Israel: Early Childhood Conference – Focus on Technology
  • Gage Publishing: Contributed weblinks for the reading series – Cornerstones
  • New Frontiers: Participated as one of a team of national presenters
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