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The ‘Maker Movement’: It’s about ‘Making Up’ Your Own Mind


The ‘Maker Movement’: It’s about ‘Making Up’ Your Own Mind

Is ‘making’ only about ‘making with electronics’ and ‘coding’? What is your underlying mission? I want to convince you that ‘making’ should focus on taking charge of, and building, your mind—your learning.  Making objects and artifacts is a means to that end.

‘Making’ is at the heart of constructionism, tinkering and inquiry—or ‘tinkquiry’.

In this interactive keynote, we will explore how:

  • we can build deeper learning as it relates to the:
    • intrapersonal (metacognition, well-being and affect)
    • interpersonal (how to collaborate effectively)
    • issues of transfer to other domains and to practice
  • building poems, art, music, mathematical solutions, etc. are all part of the ‘maker movement’
  • we can use information & communications technologies across the curriculum and grades to make thinking visible

You will leave this session with a sharpened mindset and the strategies on how to leverage ‘making’ in your classroom for ‘deeper learning’ in your students. 

Peter’s history and expertise in constructivism and constructionism are well-known. He was a pioneer in ‘making’ with the earliest Lego Robotics systems—Lego TC Logo and the Tasman and Terrapin Turtles during the early and mid-eighties. His research focus has always been on helping students to understand their own learning and the learning of others.

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