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Occasional thoughts about education and 'who is in charge of the learning'

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The Construction Zone Blog

The Construction Zone blog represents some of my thinking about education and about ‘who is in charge of the learning‘. I believe that people construct their own knowledge, often socially, while in the ‘zone’—a state of ‘flow’—at the edge of their competence. I invite you to discuss your thoughts with us.

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About Peter

I am a learner and I am a teacher. Simple. The two, for me, are inseparable and part of the whole.

Proud to have been recently recognized by Microsoft as a global hero in education.

Although I have spent over 4 decades in the K-12 education, I am still deeply involved in educational practice through TeachOntario (TVO), the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF), the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO), Minds On Media, and, of course, in online learning spaces. (Read more…)

The Construction Zone in Action

The concepts of ‘constructionism‘, ‘zone of proximal development‘, ‘expertise‘, ‘mindfulness‘, ‘intentional learning‘ are discussed and exemplified by descriptions of classroom practice. (Read more…)

Favourite Articles

Here are a few articles that I think might be of greatest interest to you. Some are relatively recent. Others were written some time ago, but I include them here due to their continued currency. 🙂

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Minds On Media

Minds On Media (MOM) is a model of professional learning that respects the learner’s ‘desire to know’.

Teachers come to learn and we respect their choices in how they wish to do that. We want them to take a ‘minds on‘ approach. (Read more…)

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