Using technologies for deep, student-driven inquiry isn’t new.

Good job Papert picked the turtle. Kind of ironic. (Tip of the hat to @brendasherry for pointing that out.)

Oh my goodness…

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.34.13 AMIt’s so challenging to observe the ‘new’ focus on inquiry and the role of technology.

I very much appreciate this focus — don’t get me wrong — and enjoy the renewed energy from educators whose familiarity with the past informs their present wealth of knowledge.

Papert, Logo and Constructionism

Early on (early 1970’s) Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) threatened to steal the student’s locus of control.  We call it ‘student agency’ these days. Luckily, Seymour Papert, Logo and Mindstorms pioneered a different view for us.

This awesome video about inquiry, student agency and kids being mathematicians, artists and programmers even pre-dates my start! 🙂


A little later (1985), Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter began to develop their CSILE project. This movie about Knowledge Forum illuminates their innovative and visionary use of information and communications technologies for collaborative inquiry and knowledge building within a community of learners.

True knowledge building necessitates that we learn from the past and build it forward. It is inefficient, and negligent, for us to start fresh with wide eyes and empty of that rich experience.

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