“PU – also known as pooh,” says John.

I have been teaching kids coding for many decades now and have often been thrilled and amazed. John also entertained me. 🙂

John sharing his Lynx Coding.

John was in a Grade 1/2 class I was teaching virtually as part of the iHub Niagara summer camp of DSBN (District School Board of Niagara). We had 4 one hour sessions that particular week.

John became comfortable with many commands such as forward, back, right, left, setcolour, penup, pendown, clean, cleargraphics, wait, and random. He also was able to write procedures and create buttons to execute those procedures. His ease with mistakes or bugs charmed me.

We used Lynx — a text-based coding environment free to all Canadians at lynxcoding.club as part of our CanCodeToLearn.ca initiative.