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April 1, 2017


Role of Technology in Classrooms

by Peter Skillen

I’m wondering why teachers use technology in the classroom…

Here are some of my reasons for using technology. Get more context by watching the video!

  • I love the notion of ‘cognitive residue’.
  • As learners, we are in the business of ‘building our own minds’.
  • We, as teachers, are in the business of helping kids to ‘build their own minds’.
  • Tools do shape behaviour.
  • We see that tools allow us to play ‘what if’…because of the affordances of the technology.
  • What is the difference between ‘effects with’ and ‘effects of’ computers. Kids may be better writers while using a computer. Are they better writers after ‘having used’ a computer?
  • Technologies should provide ‘mental models with which to think’.
  • It’s good for teachers to have a plan…but sometimes your plan can limit what you do.
  • Both teachers and students need to be passionate about what they are learning.

The video is from the learning exchange—a site of the Student Achievement Division of the Ontario Ministry of Education. It was recorded at The Quest 2016 conference – Deep Learning in a Digital World.

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  1. Apr 2 2017

    Hi Peter,
    I love the concepts you discuss here! They did a great job putting this together for the Learning Exchange – I look forward to using it in my work and sharing it with educators! 🙂

  2. areddick
    Apr 6 2017

    Hi Peter,
    The video is great and presented a lot of “food for thought” for educators and administrators. I am sharing it with my colleagues and hope to also share it amongst an informal professional learning group I’m involved with so that we can further discuss the ideas you presented.


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